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July 18, 2021

010 Stop Wasting Time – Coaching Matthew M.

moving from mindless to mindful

Procrastination. Distraction. Moments slipping by. You know the hollow feeling of regret for precious time wasted. Whether it’s scrolling through social media, watching yet another autoplay Netflix episode, checking the news or answering unimportant email – that sense of lost potential can be painful. I coach Matthew Musson on self & time management – so he can challenge himself, examine ideas and LIFE deeply instead of trolling on the surface. I invite you to look at your own level of distraction so you can balance the myriad of things YOU want to do & be.

MY GUEST: Matthew Musson


Leaving it all on the field. Living up to your full potential. Not wasting your time and energy on meaningless distractions, less than worthwhile addictions, behaviors, choices. It IS terrifying – the existential panic that can hit with ‘what am I REALLY doing with my life & how CAN I change my focus to what matters?

This is the heart of my coaching today with my guest Matthew, a super competitive, high expectations, deep thinker 15 year old who happens to be my one & only son. Matt promised to let me coach him as a belated Mother’s Day gift – and indeed, I MOSTLY keep my coaching hat on in this episode. It’s a big privilege and challenge to coach one of your own. Matt came into the call wanting to walk away with an action plan to excel in his multiple disciplines and to time manage himself so he can balance the myriad of things he wants to do & be.

We coach around the almost universal dilemma that I tackle every week with clients: how to drive productivity, how to decide when have you ‘done enough’ and can take that downtime, how to overcome the endless distractions of this world in a way that’s best for YOU and your wiring. Take a moment right now to consider where YOU are with this topic – how is your time management, effectiveness, level of distractions? Are there some adjustments or changes you want to make? What types of structure and boundaries might be right for YOU to maintain your focus, be on purpose. Keep this all in mind as you listen to the coaching. See what clarity starts to emerge in service of your becoming who you really want to be.

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