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August 16, 2021

012 Digging Deep – Coaching Sean S.

self reflection to conceive something big

Where do YOU need to dig deep? Are you craving space and encouragement to conceive something new for your life? What do you REALLY want? I coach Sean Steinman, CEO of Resonance Ventures for major self reflection in order to create radical impact. Permission and encouragement to explore. If you have something brewing inside you – you have a dream – I want you to engage. Commit to the process of digging deep. Sooner rather than later!

MY GUEST: Sean Steinman, CEO Resonance Ventures


As a coach, I often have the PRIVILEGE of partnering with a client in conceiving something big – being right there at the beginning.  I’ve partnered on new businesses, career leaps, relationships, education upgrades, creative endeavors from books to tv shows to art exhibits and even new humans – the vision and plan for conceiving a child. And as you will hear with my guest Sean – a movement to transform the world. 

Sean Steinman is a rare human with an extraordinary purpose and vision. Founder & CEO of Resonance Ventures, a Salt Lake based Real Estate Development Company creating spaces that allow human beings to eat, live, work & breathe.  When we started the session, I asked Sean where he wants to grow, stretch and push. He responded that he wants to coach on leading, self reflection & growth with his desire to grow BOTH his businesses AND grow the humans … from the $15 an hour employee to the highest earners, from inside his various companies but also sparking a larger movement in the world. Bottom line, this coaching is all about an opportunity to level up his leadership and impact on the world.

Normally we all are just so freaking busy running something, doing all the tasks, getting shit done – coaching provides the space to take time to step BACK. Move into your VISION, purpose, the impact you really want to have & the WHY behind it. It’s your bigger agenda, beyond the day to day. This episode is a giant self reflection moment for Sean – he’s a big thinker & we dive into a lot of areas. Totally digging deep. What I want for you is to listen at two levels – enjoy all of Sean’s inspiring philosophy & thoughts but most importantly think about where YOU need to dig deep. Where do you craving space and encouragement to conceive something new? Listen for the questions I ask – grab ones that you need to ask yourself. I hope I’m partnering with you right now to conceive something big.


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