The Growth Moment with Amy K Coaching
November 1, 2021

017 Behind The Mic – Part 2

Amy K integrating her own growth & learning

This is Part 2 of my ‘behind the microphone’ session where my amazing sister, Jan, puts me in the hot seat and has me reflecting on MY growth process in what I call my ‘year plus of expansion.’ You can find Part 1 in episode 16. We cover my purpose, overwhelm, my big old ego,    and expanding my heart. It was a gift to have someone listen to me for a change! I hope this inspires YOU to find a listener. Create some space to reflect and integrate YOUR growth and learning. 

INTERVIEW EPISODE: Amy K in the hot seat! 


A continuation of the deep dive into my own growth process and journey:

  • my big old ego
  • how I HAVE to do things my own way
  • where I get into trouble
  • my deep purpose as a coach
  • where I need to improve as a human
  • how exhausted I am from growing so much 
  • how I can expand my heart
  • why I love doing this podcast

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