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May 8, 2024

064 Crisis OR Opportunity – Growth Spotlight Keva Dine

find your open doors

This episode is for YOU if, like my guest, you are experiencing a career ending – a layoff, firing, your position or department eliminated, even a complete company shut down. My guest is Keva Dine. She is THE expert creative recruiter with 23 years’ experience placing top talent. She has launched thousands of careers, agencies & brands. I was fortunate to get her for this ‘growth spotlight’ episode. Keva & I look at how the crisis CAN be a growth moment – learning to find the opportunity, possibilities & potential right in the midst of calamity.

MY GUEST: Keva Dine

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This is the heart of the episode today – crisis transforming into opportunity. It can be any kind of challenge or difficulty – career, financial, health, identity, relationship or something else! The growth moment is how we find new open doors just when old doors are closing. As always, listen for the insights & inspiration that YOU need today. I hope you can find a shift in your perspective and new opportunities, possibilities & potential!

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