Join In! Growth Moment Workshops

I’m LIVE for 60-minute monthly Zoom workshops. Think ‘the podcast meets my small group coaching’ – the best of both worlds. Each month has a fresh theme and opportunity for YOUR growth. It’s a large group format, all ages/stages/genders/walks of life. It’s pretty magical – the power of amazing humans growing side by side. Post workshop you get access to the recording, bonus content and an accountability nudge.

Join me on FEBRUARY 17th at 12pm PST for An Accountability Upgrade!

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Hold yourself and others beautifully, gloriously, easily accountable.

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Future Workshops

March 17th




*topics subject to change


“You are a powerhouse all around, but WOW. That was full Amy power!”

Ashley P.
The workshop provided the inspiration and clarity I needed. It’s amazing what you can accomplish in an hour with some help from Amy K!
Steph J
I am astounded by the impact of the last workshop, Leading with Love. It literally changed the way I “lead” my Life.
Chrish K

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