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February 27, 2021

001 Overcoming The 800 Pound Inner Critic – Coaching Scotty M.

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Does your Inner Critic ever feel like 800 pounds? How is it blocking your full potential today? As I coach actor-director-writer Scotty M on his Inner Critic, you get to dial up YOUR awareness of the trash talking voices in your head, start to separate from that negative feedback and shift limiting beliefs into truly empowering beliefs. Bottom line, you get to transform the Inner Critic into an Inner Champion!

GUEST: Scott McCord (actor, director, musician, writer, producer)


Whether you are 18 years old or 80, we ALL have a chorus of Inner Critics – from my youngest clients in high school & college all the way up to my top tier leaders across the world. The Inner Critic weighs us down, makes us doubt or second guess ourselves, tells us why we can’t instead of how we can, and generally gets in the way of our full potential. Right now … are you scared to go after the cool job, promotion, business idea, new relationship, health or fitness transformation, biggest dream? Where are you second guessing yourself? How IS the voice in your head lately – positive and encouraging OR bitingly negative and demoralizing?

In this episode, I coach actor/director/musician Scotty M. on this coaching staple – dealing with the Inner Critic aka gremlins, the saboteur, the committee or the trash talking voices in your head. Scotty is an amazing creative force – he is an actor, writer, director, musician and producer. Seriously talented, he has found success both in Canada and now in New York City. However, like all of us, sometimes his Inner Critic crashes in & tries to bring him down! As you listen, ponder how the Inner Critic holds YOU down. How does it stop your progress, make you hesitate, doubt yourself, show up as less than who you really are? It’s time to dig deep and change the message! We ALL have the inherent capacity to shift/transform the Inner Critic. Usually we just need some patience, space, a little time to sort through it. Often you have to get out of your head & into your body, heart, intuition. There are endless ways to deal with the Inner Critic – what I did with Scotty is just one. With that said – shining the spotlight on the Critic is always valuable. Don’t ignore them and figure they will go away on their own. They only get stronger! It’s when you put the Critic front & center, visualize it, describe it, start to analyze what it is up to – this leads to a breakthrough or epiphany. Listen to every minute to bring clarity to your own blocks and obstacles, figure out what you need to do TODAY to shake up your Inner Critic and hit your full potential.


I wrestle with my Inner Critic, gremlins, saboteurs often. They always come out in force when I start a new challenge. In fact, they were crawling all over me when I started The Growth Moment – ‘Who are YOU to do a podcast? No one will want to listen, you should just stick with your clients, there are too many podcasts in the world!’ On & on they droned! In the end, I had to tell them to shut up & that growing and experiencing MY full potential is more important than their BS. Never let the negative voices in your head stop your dreams and what you can bring to the world.


This is a golden opportunity to work on YOUR Inner Critic, the negative voices in your head that hold you back. All so you unlock your full potential! Here are some first steps to overcoming your own 800 pound critic. If you need help and a bit of coaching, contact me for your own growth moment.

  1. Take a moment to identify YOUR biggest Inner Critics. When do they show up? Can you visualize or describe them? What are some of their techniques, key messages, etc. that they use to hold you back? Jot it all down.
  2. What are some of your limiting beliefs that the Inner Critic has been feeding you over the years? Write them out so you can really see it in black & white.
  3. What are some possible new empowering beliefs that free you for your next level? Write those out too.
  4. Keep shining the spotlight on your Inner Critic and pushing back!


These are the key takeaways & gems from Scotty’s coaching!

Scott’s Challenge: “Dealing with the 800 pound Inner Critic who is trying to hold me down. That old fear of failure causes me to be half hearted, not fully put myself out there. It’s debilitating!”

How Do You Want It To Be?: “A fresh, new experience each day, growing & evolving, free – fresh flow, working at 150%.”

Old Limiting Beliefs: “I don’t deserve success”

Insights & Epiphanies: “The Inner Critic is just trying to protect me from failure by virtue of half hearted effort or non participation. It’s actually trying to protect that vulnerable, inner creative soul. The Critic really pops up when I haven’t worked in a while or I’m starting new endeavors. Staying free requires on-going Inner Critic maintenance – it’s not ‘one & done.’ THIS is the first thing I need to do.”

The Way Forward: “Face the Inner Critic head on. Thank the Critic for trying to protect my ego/fear of failure. A little Love & Release. Find a different way of protecting & nurturing my creative force. THEN it all lights up, the creative flow happens.”

New Empowering Beliefs: “I deserve the chance to grow, develop and evolve.”

The Commitments: “Keep high awareness of the Critic, connect to my permission to grow, make this a proactive part of my routine!”

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