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This is The Growth Moment with your coach, Amy K!

Is it time to accelerate your growth — right across your life? Career, relationships, health, wealth! Bottom line, are you ready to claim your next level?

In The Growth Moment with your coach Amy K, find what YOU need to reach your full potential. Amy is the master at picking out the challenges, big aha’s and in the moment tools and handing them to YOU as you listen to her coach guests who run the gamut from C-suite execs to college students. Experience the power of coaching unfolding in real time and get the gems waiting just for you. Tune in to discover what YOUR growth moment will be today.

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The Growth Moment Podcast with Amy K Coaching

latest episodes

010 Stop Wasting Time – Coaching Matthew M.

010 Stop Wasting Time – Coaching Matthew M.

moving from mindless to mindful
Procrastination. Distraction. Moments slipping by. You know the hollow feeling of regret for precious time wasted. Whether it’s scrolling through social media, watching yet another autoplay Netflix episode, checking the news or answering unimportant email – that sense of lost potential can be painful. I coach Matthew Musson on self & time management – so he can challenge himself, examine ideas and LIFE deeply instead of trolling on the surface. I invite you to look at your own level of distraction so you can balance the myriad of things YOU want to do & be.

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010 Stop Wasting Time – Coaching Matthew M.

009 Achieve, Celebrate, Repeat – Coaching Kelly K.

celebration & reflection drives focus & execution
When you hit a milestone in your growth – do you STOP and take a moment to truly celebrate and reflect? Or do you just blow right past it, minimizing what you have achieved? I coach Kelly Kitagawa to not take her growth and success for granted –  to really acknowledge the lessons learned. I want YOU to take time to catch up with and integrate your ‘next level self’ – WHO YOU BE NOW – so you can tackle all your future goals. 

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010 Stop Wasting Time – Coaching Matthew M.

008 Move Into BIG Confidence – Coaching Missy O.

fully own & accept yourself
Where is your confidence on a scale of 0 to 100%? Do you want a higher score? What is possible if you move towards 100%? I coach Missy Ozeas to move into the BIG confidence that comes from owning WHO YOU BE. Fully. No more holding back or second guessing. Listen in to create your OWN shift into full acceptance. Stop minimizing your gifts and move into your bigger purpose!

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010 Stop Wasting Time – Coaching Matthew M.

007 Start Thriving, Not Just Surviving – Coaching Jessica C.

create space for the bigger you
Feeling overwhelmed or paralyzed by the endless responsibilities and items on your task list? Has there been a whole lot of surviving this past year and not enough thriving? I coach Jessica Clark to sit for a moment, quietly, under the whirlwind of all the doing – facilitating a move into her Bigger Self. This is discovery time! Listen in and start exploring who YOU are at your core & what you want to bring to the world. It’s time to THRIVE.

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