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This is The Growth Moment with your coach, Amy K!

Is it time to accelerate your growth — right across your life? Career, relationships, health, wealth! Bottom line, are you ready to claim your next level?

In The Growth Moment with your coach Amy K, find what YOU need to reach your full potential. Amy is the master at picking out the challenges, big aha’s and in the moment tools and handing them to YOU as you listen to her coach guests who run the gamut from C-suite execs to college students. Experience the power of coaching unfolding in real time and get the gems waiting just for you. Tune in to discover what YOUR growth moment will be today.

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The Growth Moment Podcast with Amy K Coaching

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018 The Truth Is – With Just Amy!

018 The Truth Is – With Just Amy!

cut through the crap & set yourself free
The truth DOES set you free. Free to make decisions, free to be yourself, free to move forward, free to be the change you want to see in the world. If you want to unlock your full potential, be MORE of you across your life, cut through the crap & set yourself free – this episode is for you. You can just grab this tool & start USING it today. Get ready to be an amazing truth teller. 

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018 The Truth Is – With Just Amy!

017 Behind The Mic – Part 2

Amy K integrating her own growth & learning
This is Part 2 of my ‘behind the microphone’ session where my amazing sister, Jan, puts me in the hot seat and has me reflecting on MY growth process in what I call my ‘year plus of expansion.’ You can find Part 1 in episode 16. We cover my purpose, overwhelm, my big old ego, and expanding my heart. It was a gift to have someone listen to me for a change! I hope this inspires YOU to find a listener. Create some space to reflect and integrate YOUR growth and learning.

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018 The Truth Is – With Just Amy!

016 Behind The Mic – Part 1

Amy K is walking her talk
A big change of pace! We go behind the mic & I answer questions from my inspiration/growth partner/real life sister, Jan Ruskin. Jan asks me how the podcast has been my own growth moment, who helps me grow, where I get in my own way, where I have to walk my talk as a coach. I got so much out of my own reflection and strategic pause. I KNOW you will find insights, ideas, tools and encouragement for your own growth journey.

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018 The Truth Is – With Just Amy!

015 Saying No – With Just Amy!

overcoming the disease to please
Another grab & go tool! This is for all of the people pleasers who say yes, when it really should be no. The ability to confidently say NO is an indispensable skill. On a scale of 1 to 10 – with 10 being amazingly strong and comfortable with saying NO, and 1 being almost never saying NO – where are YOU? I want to dial up that score. So you can start saying YES to what you really want.

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