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This is The Growth Moment with your coach, Amy K!

Is it time to accelerate your growth — right across your life? Career, relationships, health, wealth! Bottom line, are you ready to claim your next level?

In The Growth Moment with your coach Amy K, find what YOU need to reach your full potential. Amy is the master at picking out the challenges, big aha’s and in the moment tools and handing them to YOU as you listen to her coach guests who run the gamut from C-suite execs to college students. Experience the power of coaching unfolding in real time and get the gems waiting just for you. Tune in to discover what YOUR growth moment will be today.

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The Growth Moment Podcast with Amy K Coaching

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013 What Do You Want? – With Just Amy!

013 What Do You Want? – With Just Amy!

the power of clarity
Another solo “just Amy” podcast! This time it’s the tool that cuts through all the noise – right to the bottom line. The magic question: What do you want? This simple little question is a game changer as a leader or boss, in relationships, setting goals & making plans, in conflict and collaboration. It’s perfect anytime you need a burst of clarity. I will take you through FOUR steps to help you get clear on WHAT YOU WANT!

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013 What Do You Want? – With Just Amy!

012 Digging Deep – Coaching Sean S.

self reflection to conceive something big
Where do YOU need to dig deep? Are you craving space and encouragement to conceive something new for your life? What do you REALLY want? I coach Sean Steinman, CEO of Resonance Ventures for major self reflection in order to create radical impact. Permission and encouragement to explore. If you have something brewing inside you – you have a dream – I want you to engage. Commit to the process of digging deep. Sooner rather than later!

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013 What Do You Want? – With Just Amy!

011 The Big Both/And – With Just Amy!

upgrade your thinking
It’s my first solo, “just Amy” podcast. You get my biggest and best coaching tool – the power to find the Both/And. I’m coaching just you – I will take you through four quick steps to go from all closed up & limited – thinking only within the Either/Or to the wide open, expansive, freedom of the Both/And. I want you to walk away with a major upgrade in your thinking. Upgrading is scene changing, situation changing, LIFE changing.

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013 What Do You Want? – With Just Amy!

010 Stop Wasting Time – Coaching Matthew M.

moving from mindless to mindful
Procrastination. Distraction. Moments slipping by. You know the hollow feeling of regret for precious time wasted. Whether it’s scrolling through social media, watching yet another autoplay Netflix episode, checking the news or answering unimportant email – that sense of lost potential can be painful. I coach Matthew Musson on self & time management – so he can challenge himself, examine ideas and LIFE deeply instead of trolling on the surface. I invite you to look at your own level of distraction so you can balance the myriad of things YOU want to do & be.

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