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This is The Growth Moment with your coach, Amy K!

Is it time to accelerate your growth — right across your life? Career, relationships, health, wealth! Bottom line, are you ready to claim your next level?

In The Growth Moment with your coach Amy K, find what YOU need to reach your full potential. Amy is the master at picking out the challenges, big aha’s and in the moment tools and handing them to YOU as you listen to her coach guests who run the gamut from C-suite execs to college students. Experience the power of coaching unfolding in real time and get the gems waiting just for you. Tune in to discover what YOUR growth moment will be today.

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The Growth Moment Podcast with Amy K Coaching

latest episodes

Presence IS The Gift – With Just Amy!

Presence IS The Gift – With Just Amy!

good for all reasons & seasons
How IS your capacity for presence? Are you a master? Or perhaps it’s more hit and miss? Presence IS a gift. The holiday season is prime time for missing out on the moment. However, presence is evergreen – good for all reasons and seasons This episode is an invitation to grow your capacity for HERE and NOW. Use it where you most need it!

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Presence IS The Gift – With Just Amy!

Giving Thanks – With Just Amy!

good for every day, including Thanksgiving
Giving thanks is ALWAYS deeply satisfying, powerful and generally a best practice. It falls under the gratitude umbrella, but I think it has an extra, next level quality. You are GIVING thanks – you are in action, you are transferring/sharing the gratitude. Good for the giver, GREAT for the receiver and likely to lead to more. So, in honor of the tradition of Thanksgiving, I invite you to GIVE thanks!

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Presence IS The Gift – With Just Amy!

037 From Worry to Wonder – With Just Amy!

the best jedi mind trick ever
Worry is insidious – it’s addictive like popcorn or potato chips. The kind of thinking that keeps you up at night. Today is about turning WORRY into WONDER. Wonder opens up a window, shifts your focus to a horizon of possibilities. Like turning a kaleidoscope to a new view. Grab all of your worries and get ready to play with wonder.

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Presence IS The Gift – With Just Amy!

036 Leveling UP – Growth Spotlight Olivia Mariani

moving past imposter syndrome
Where do you want to LEVEL UP? The growth spotlight is on Olivia Mariani, one of my Growth Zone clients and VP Marketing at Curbio. We cover imposter syndrome, feeling out of one’s depth, moving from tactical to strategic. Think about where you want to level up. Have you just been checking the boxes and trying to ‘do it right’? Greatness & growth comes from a place of unfamiliarity and uncertainty!

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