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054 Transforming Broken Promises (episode #53 companion)

mini coaching for transactional to transformational!!
This is the first of two transformational mini coaching episodes. They are companion pieces to episode 53 where I give you the tool to move from transactional to transformational. This mini coaching deepens YOUR learning & lets you witness the shift in real time. I’m coaching a client in a recent group event whose boss has broken some big promises after 26 years in the job. We start with a transactional mindset with a bunch of resentment, disappointment and even embarrassment. We end with transformation into an expansive and new possibilities mindset. Use this episode to help practice YOUR transformation.

053 Transformational, Not Transactional – With Just Amy!

instant impact & momentum
My mantra all this year has been “transformational, NOT transactional.” This mind shift has moved me away from the tactical, practical and “just check it off the list” mode INTO the strategic, inspirational and next level possibilities place. Today, I am committed to helping YOU move from transactional into transformational right across your life. Health. Wealth. Career. Relationships. Anything & everything. Come on & let’s GROW!

052 Head, Heart, Gut Check – With Just Amy!

immediate & illuminating insight
This is YOUR episode if you are conflicted, confused or unsure. Feeling like you have multiple minds on an important topic or decision. IF you are having trouble sorting out your thoughts & getting to clarity – I have a simple but remarkably effective tool for you. It’s the head/heart/gut check. Take advantage of your multi-layered perspectives and knowledge. Leverage ALL of your sources of inner wisdom. Easy, fast and illuminating.

051 Time Well Spent – Coaching Matt M

space for spontaneity, connection and meaning
This episode is for YOU if you ever struggle with balancing schedule & spontaneity. If you put pressure on yourself to be disciplined and measure value solely by what you produce. It’s for you if you want to step back and ponder how you can feel more fulfilled, even joyful as you climb your next mountain. Listen in as I coach a very special guest, my 17 year old son Matthew, on how to drive productivity FROM fulfillment, not the other way around.

050 It’s Mid Year Sanity Check Time – With Just Amy!

life by design, not default
The mid year sanity check – an Amy K tradition! A reminder to create a life by design, not default. A chance to take an extra breath, lean back for a strategic review and reset of the big picture.Take advantage of the extra summer daylight – carve out some time to reflect. And walk away with renewed clarity & focus to make the rest of the year COUNT.

049 Your Bottom Line – With Just Amy!

create possibilities for action
What’s the bottom line? THAT is a quintessential Amy K question. Because as a coach, it’s my job to get the heart of where you are now, where you want to be & how to get you there. Life is short, I don’t want to waste time beating around the bush. “What’s the bottom line” is such an amazing question. It cuts right through the noise. You can use it anywhere, anytime. So, get ready for a very bottom line episode – short & sweet. A grab & go tool to add to your kit.

048 Create What You Crave – With Just Amy!

the SPARK tool
What’s missing from your life? What are you craving more of? Where are you settling for same old, same old? Today I call you to wake UP and step UP. Today is the day to make a change. I have a new tool for you – I literally just made it up. The Spark tool! So, grab a life area that is in dire need of a shift. Let’s find the essence, the heart … the spark of what you want. The spark that can help create what you most desire.

047 Principles of Power – Coaching Kristi B

how does YOUR power work?
I want YOU to think about the principles of YOUR power. Where do you feel powerful versus powerLESS? What is your source of power – do you think it comes from inside or out? As you listen to my coaching conversation with Kristi – ponder where you most need a power shift to create impact and momentum. I hope you walk away today with some fresh insights and ideas about you and power.

046 Be The Change – With Just Amy!

for what matters most to YOU
There is a time and place to point out what’s wrong, unfair, to vent, dwell, worry or commiserate. No doubt, you don’t need my help to do more of that. So, today I’m focusing on action – moving past the talking & thinking and what others need to do & be. Instead we will focus 100% on you. To DO. BE. the change YOU want to see in the world. If you are in the mood for stepping up, owning, leading – let’s go!

045 Own Your Age & Stage – With Just Amy!

a birthday present for me & you!
It’s my birthday month! And I have a gift for me & for you. We are going to fully OWN our age & stage. As my birthday approaches, it’s tempting to try to ‘get back.’ Get back to my previous weight, energy, strength, looks, capacity, etc. I see this all the time with clients – a desire to either be farther ahead or farther back to some previous self version. Basically anywhere but HERE. Now. The point of YOUR power is in the present. So get ready to free up some energy by owning your age & stage.

044 What DO You Know? – With Just Amy!

it’s more than you think!
Where are you using the excuse “I don’t know” to stay in your comfort zone? To block your growth, to coast, to hold back? Maybe it’s around career or money, a family situation, a tricky relationship conflict or an important decision. Be stuck no longer! Today you get to find what you DO know so that you are free to move forward. Grab your own question/situation/challenge and let’s GO!

043 Easy Breezy Accountability – With Just Amy!

a momentum creating mindset
Get ready for Easy Breezy Accountability! Holding accountability for yourself or others is often tough. Something that makes us uncomfortable & can bring out some of our worst traits – blaming, shaming or avoidance, procrastination. Today I’m sharing one super simple tool to move from accountability policing to accountability activation!

042 The LOVE Bomb – With Just Amy!

unconventional, transformative, liberating
The LOVE BOMB is a way to radically change the worst situations, difficult interactions and challenging emotions. It’s not a replacement for other strategic tools like clear boundaries, redirection or a mindful pause. It IS a new option that can expand your range of response. Where do YOU need a fresh take? What situations or people are making you crazy, pissing you off or leaving you at a loss? Get ready to shake it all up by launching a LOVE BOMB.

041 Claiming YOUR Space – Coaching Tyler S

move big dreams into reality
Grow YOUR confidence today to CLAIM a bigger space. Whether it is an actual physical space or place, a next level career or relationship or financial space. Especially spaces that you fear, worry and wonder if you truly belong. How CAN you be as BIG as you dream?

040 A New Year’s Kick In The Ass – With Just Amy!

beyond resolutions and intentions
Resolutions, intentions, goals … they are all good and worthy tools. But, sometimes what you really need is a wake up call. Or in this case, a new year’s kick in the ass. A let’s GO! Let’s build, be, DO what you really want. Don’t wait another moment, much less another year. It’s time, so get ready for an awesome, uplifting, motivating kick in the ass!

039 Presence IS The Gift – With Just Amy!

good for all reasons & seasons
How IS your capacity for presence? Are you a master? Or perhaps it’s more hit and miss? Presence IS a gift. The holiday season is prime time for missing out on the moment. However, presence is evergreen – good for all reasons and seasons This episode is an invitation to grow your capacity for HERE and NOW. Use it where you most need it!

038 Giving Thanks – With Just Amy!

good for every day, including Thanksgiving
Giving thanks is ALWAYS deeply satisfying, powerful and generally a best practice. It falls under the gratitude umbrella, but I think it has an extra, next level quality. You are GIVING thanks – you are in action, you are transferring/sharing the gratitude. Good for the giver, GREAT for the receiver and likely to lead to more. So, in honor of the tradition of Thanksgiving, I invite you to GIVE thanks!

037 From Worry to Wonder – With Just Amy!

the best jedi mind trick ever
Worry is insidious – it’s addictive like popcorn or potato chips. The kind of thinking that keeps you up at night. Today is about turning WORRY into WONDER. Wonder opens up a window, shifts your focus to a horizon of possibilities. Like turning a kaleidoscope to a new view. Grab all of your worries and get ready to play with wonder.

036 Leveling UP – Growth Spotlight Olivia Mariani

moving past imposter syndrome
Where do you want to LEVEL UP? The growth spotlight is on Olivia Mariani, one of my Growth Zone clients and VP Marketing at Curbio. We cover imposter syndrome, feeling out of one’s depth, moving from tactical to strategic. Think about where you want to level up. Have you just been checking the boxes and trying to ‘do it right’? Greatness & growth comes from a place of unfamiliarity and uncertainty!

035 Regret To Resolve – With Just Amy!

change your future, not your past
Where are you consumed by regret? Regret is a crazy powerful emotion. It’s like a fixed gaze in the rear view mirror, trapping your energy and derailing your momentum. Today’s tool is all about transforming regret into RESOLVE. Used properly, regret has a purpose. It’s a flag, a notification for action, an invitation for a growth moment! Move forward with RESOLVE.

034 Embracing My Mortality – Amy Gets Coached!

what do YOU need to face?
Where are YOU with mortality? Do you think about it? Is it an energizing force or more like fear induced paralysis? I’ve been semi obsessing about mortality the past few years and it’s freaking me out. So, I’m turning things upside down today! I brought in MY coach, the great Andrew Petty, so that I can be the client. Whatever YOU need to face – let’s do it together!

033 Inner Critic 101 – With Just Amy!

clean & clear your inner runway
Is your Inner Critic kicking your ass? Life is challenging enough. Do NOT put up with trash talking inner saboteurs or gremlins throwing up more roadblocks. Today is Inner Critic 101! I am handing over a few foundational tools – indispensable if you are just getting started OR a great refresher/reboot if you already are on the journey of freeing yourself from the Inner Critic.

032 Your Past Propels Purpose – Growth Spotlight Kalyan Balaven

fuel your future!
The growth spotlight is shining bright on Kalyan Balaven! This episode is about the integration of MULTIPLE growth moments – seeing the thread and how it helped create Kal’s purpose & future. Use it as inspiration to do your own reflection – to map out a few of YOUR growth moments & see what you find. All so you can leverage that deep dive to fuel YOUR future.

031 Mid Year Sanity Check – With Just Amy!

make the rest of the year count!
Are you on the hamster wheel? LEAD YOUR life! A mid year sanity check is non-negotiable for a life by design, not default. Take a moment, TODAY, to stop. Breathe. Lean back & do a strategic review and reset of YOUR big picture. Walk away with renewed clarity & focus to make the rest of the year COUNT.

030 Get Unstuck! – Coaching Ashley F

a kick in the ass
Are YOU stuck? Do you need a slap in the face or a kick in the ass? Or do you need a judgment free space, some validation & acknowledgement – to be seen & heard? Something else? This episode is about what it might take to get unstuck. It’s about looking at stuck right in the face. Truth telling. No excuses. Staying with it until you find a path and the steps to move forward.

029 Your Permission Slip – With Just Amy!

instant momentum
One of my all time favorite tools – good for any occasion – is the Permission Slip. It’s capable of changing your impact & momentum in an instant. As adults, WE are the ones giving out permission now. Except sometimes, we are still waiting around for someone else’s say so. YOU are in charge of what you do or don’t do. Let’s create your permission slip!

028 Growth From The Dark & Difficult – Spotlight Nikita Williams

leverage the tough times!
Today I put the growth spotlight on Nikita Williams. Nikita’s story is about the powerful growth that can happen at our lowest points, the dark & difficult times – physically, emotionally, environmentally, spiritually. It’s that paradox that the really tough challenges can generate phenomenal shifts. Listen in on how YOU can leverage difficulties for the biggest momentum of all.

027 A Strategic Pause – With Just Amy!

reset, reflect, re-engage
Where are you procrastinating or avoiding? Are you feeling drained or uninspired? Today, I give you the power to PAUSE, reset and re-engage your potential & purpose once again. The art of knowing when & how to take a STRATEGIC pause is invaluable. We will coach through four steps that will help you transform procrastination intro progress!

026 The Power of Celebration – With Just Amy!

amplify & accelerate your growth
Celebration is a way to deepen the moment, lock in your growth and expand into future possibilities. It doesn’t take long but it IS a power move. We often shortchange ourselves – rushing past and into what’s next without thinking. Instead, let’s improve YOUR ability to celebrate yourself and others. Get to the heart of milestones and moments. So, grab something to celebrate!

025 Do, Dump, Delegate – With Just Amy!

reclaim your life
NOW is the moment to RECLAIM your time, focus and LIFE. This is about OWNING your list, your calendar – not letting them own you. We will blow in some fresh air today with a round of do, dump & delegate. BUT this isn’t just any old time mgt exercise. YOU get the coaching approach. A deeper, empowered, more effective, 10X bolder approach.

024 What Are YOU Capable Of? – Coaching Logan K

commit to your journey
Who ARE you? What are you capable of? Talk about powerful, stop you in your tracks, questions! Let’s just get to the heart of it. Are you ready to ask yourself the BIG questions? That’s the conversation I’m interested in. I want to know the biggest dream that is waiting – right there in the heart of who you really are. Claiming who you are at your core – even if you aren’t all the way there yet.

023 – Lead With LOVE – With Just Amy!

love is the answer
What are YOU leading with? Fear? Guilt? Force? Doubt? As a coach, I unabashedly bring LOVE into the equation, whether the client is a hard-hitting CEO or a brand new college graduate. When you LEAD with love – you can solve the problem, seize the opportunity and change the world. I’m coaching YOU today to move forward with LOVE.

022 Find Your Balance – Coaching Amelia W

how to know you’ve done enough
If YOU ever feel like you are drowning in your myriad tasks & responsibilities, pulled between the different areas of your life, lying awake at night with a very busy brain, experiencing the diminishing returns of too much multitasking and not enough presence, this episode is for you. I’m coaching Amelia on letting go, self permission, restoration time and paradigm shifts. All so YOU, me and Amelia can BE our best.

021 Map YOUR Growth Zone – With Just Amy!

just in time for the new year
This is a big strategic pause! It’s about elevating and amplifying your growth – growth for your business or career, personal growth for your next level of health, wealth, love, learning. Any & all. A dive into where you NEED to grow to become who you want to be and have your desired impact on the world around you. Let’s see what possibilities are ahead in your Growth Zone!

020 Gifts & Gratitude – With Just Amy!

presents & presence
It’s a twist on the usual take on gratitude! In my shortest podcast yet – get ready for a blast of celebration, outrageous delight and the unabashed JOY possibilities with gratitude. What would it be like to not hold back – showing your gratitude by how fully you welcome and embrace the gift? ENJOY my gift to you!

019 Discipline = Freedom – Coaching Clay S

changing that love/hate relationship
The fundamental theme for this coaching is ‘discipline’ and Clay’s love/hate relationship with it. Lack of discipline is what Clay identifies as holding him back. What’s cool about this episode is it’s not a cheerleading exercise. MY job is to help uncover, raise awareness, shine a light – see if there is a new perspective that my CLIENT discovers to unlock the next level. So, what’s in it for you? I want you to check out what’s holding YOU back. Listen to the coaching to see what clicks & triggers an ‘aha’ to transform your relationship with a long standing personal block.

018 The Truth Is – With Just Amy!

cut through the crap & set yourself free
The truth DOES set you free. Free to make decisions, free to be yourself, free to move forward, free to be the change you want to see in the world. If you want to unlock your full potential, be MORE of you across your life, cut through the crap & set yourself free – this episode is for you. You can just grab this tool & start USING it today. Get ready to be an amazing truth teller. 

017 Behind The Mic – Part 2

Amy K integrating her own growth & learning
This is Part 2 of my ‘behind the microphone’ session where my amazing sister, Jan, puts me in the hot seat and has me reflecting on MY growth process in what I call my ‘year plus of expansion.’ You can find Part 1 in episode 16. We cover my purpose, overwhelm, my big old ego, and expanding my heart. It was a gift to have someone listen to me for a change! I hope this inspires YOU to find a listener. Create some space to reflect and integrate YOUR growth and learning.

016 Behind The Mic – Part 1

Amy K is walking her talk
A big change of pace! We go behind the mic & I answer questions from my inspiration/growth partner/real life sister, Jan Ruskin. Jan asks me how the podcast has been my own growth moment, who helps me grow, where I get in my own way, where I have to walk my talk as a coach. I got so much out of my own reflection and strategic pause. I KNOW you will find insights, ideas, tools and encouragement for your own growth journey.

015 Saying No – With Just Amy!

overcoming the disease to please
Another grab & go tool! This is for all of the people pleasers who say yes, when it really should be no. The ability to confidently say NO is an indispensable skill. On a scale of 1 to 10 – with 10 being amazingly strong and comfortable with saying NO, and 1 being almost never saying NO – where are YOU? I want to dial up that score. So you can start saying YES to what you really want.

014 Protected or Vulnerable? – Coaching Massey M

bring your FULL self to relationships
Are you stuck or holding back in a vital relationship? Do you know MORE is possible? I’m coaching Massey Mayo on bringing your full self to your most important relationships. Like Massey, it might be your romantic relationship that is ready for more. Or it might be a professional relationship, one with your child, parent, sibling or a friend. This is an intimate and vulnerable episode – we go deep today. It takes courage, a certain boldness and integrity to enter the relationship growth zone. The willingness to call BS on yourself – acknowledging that you can do & be better. Get ready to take a bold look at where YOU need to grow and bring your full self to the relationships that matter.

013 What Do You Want? – With Just Amy!

the power of clarity
Another solo “just Amy” podcast! This time it’s the tool that cuts through all the noise – right to the bottom line. The magic question: What do you want? This simple little question is a game changer as a leader or boss, in relationships, setting goals & making plans, in conflict and collaboration. It’s perfect anytime you need a burst of clarity. I will take you through FOUR steps to help you get clear on WHAT YOU WANT!

012 Digging Deep – Coaching Sean S.

self reflection to conceive something big
Where do YOU need to dig deep? Are you craving space and encouragement to conceive something new for your life? What do you REALLY want? I coach Sean Steinman, CEO of Resonance Ventures for major self reflection in order to create radical impact. Permission and encouragement to explore. If you have something brewing inside you – you have a dream – I want you to engage. Commit to the process of digging deep. Sooner rather than later!

011 The Big Both/And – With Just Amy!

upgrade your thinking
It’s my first solo, “just Amy” podcast. You get my biggest and best coaching tool – the power to find the Both/And. I’m coaching just you – I will take you through four quick steps to go from all closed up & limited – thinking only within the Either/Or to the wide open, expansive, freedom of the Both/And. I want you to walk away with a major upgrade in your thinking. Upgrading is scene changing, situation changing, LIFE changing.

010 Stop Wasting Time – Coaching Matthew M.

moving from mindless to mindful
Procrastination. Distraction. Moments slipping by. You know the hollow feeling of regret for precious time wasted. Whether it’s scrolling through social media, watching yet another autoplay Netflix episode, checking the news or answering unimportant email – that sense of lost potential can be painful. I coach Matthew Musson on self & time management – so he can challenge himself, examine ideas and LIFE deeply instead of trolling on the surface. I invite you to look at your own level of distraction so you can balance the myriad of things YOU want to do & be.

009 Achieve, Celebrate, Repeat – Coaching Kelly K.

celebration & reflection drives focus & execution
When you hit a milestone in your growth – do you STOP and take a moment to truly celebrate and reflect? Or do you just blow right past it, minimizing what you have achieved? I coach Kelly Kitagawa to not take her growth and success for granted –  to really acknowledge the lessons learned. I want YOU to take time to catch up with and integrate your ‘next level self’ – WHO YOU BE NOW – so you can tackle all your future goals. 

008 Move Into BIG Confidence – Coaching Missy O.

fully own & accept yourself
Where is your confidence on a scale of 0 to 100%? Do you want a higher score? What is possible if you move towards 100%? I coach Missy Ozeas to move into the BIG confidence that comes from owning WHO YOU BE. Fully. No more holding back or second guessing. Listen in to create your OWN shift into full acceptance. Stop minimizing your gifts and move into your bigger purpose!

007 Start Thriving, Not Just Surviving – Coaching Jessica C.

create space for the bigger you
Feeling overwhelmed or paralyzed by the endless responsibilities and items on your task list? Has there been a whole lot of surviving this past year and not enough thriving? I coach Jessica Clark to sit for a moment, quietly, under the whirlwind of all the doing – facilitating a move into her Bigger Self. This is discovery time! Listen in and start exploring who YOU are at your core & what you want to bring to the world. It’s time to THRIVE.

006 See All Your Possibilities – Coaching Brian L.

get out of your comfort zone & into your growth zone
When was the last time you stopped to take time to listen to yourself? To create the space to go beyond the status quo into the playground of possibility? To dream about what else you want to be/do/experience/create/impact in your lifetime? I coach Brian Lessinger at that pivot point of hitting great professional success and starting to explore what might be next. I invite you to create room for your next growth zone. All because your possibilities matter. YOU matter.

005 Transform Your Limiting Beliefs – Coaching Kelly E.

create empowering beliefs to reach your next level
Where are your limiting beliefs holding you back? That faulty internal wiring that blocks your momentum – like a foot on the gas and foot on the brake – leaving you STUCK. I coach Kelly Augir Eveleth to transform the limiting into the empowering. Dig deep to root out YOUR most toxic beliefs. Free your energy! Let your motivation and inspiration flow from choosing new beliefs.

004 Hit Your Sustainable Peak Performance – Coaching Margaret W.

finding your new paradigm for success
Do you want to get to that next level? To tap into ALL of who you can be? Your peak performance. But holding back because you are afraid you don’t have what it takes, that you can’t sustain the high level of performance needed, especially when you have many balls to juggle across your life. I coach Margaret Weniger, speaker & podcast host of Rising Tide, on finding a NEW way to leverage your strengths and bring out your best WHILE creating the balance needed for your sustainability.

003 Forget The Rules: Do It YOUR Way! – Coaching Benen W.

listening to & trusting yourself
Where have you been following someone else’s play book? How is that working for you? Are you flowing or is it feeling a little stuck? What is possible for your momentum, juice, potential if you start doing it YOUR way? I get the pleasure of coaching Benen Weir, an up and coming Gen Z thought leader, to help him trust what he wants and play the game HIS way. As you listen, leave behind conventional wisdom and start following YOUR wisdom.

002 How To Find Your Spark, Joy & Excitement! – Coaching Anna B.

connecting your purpose to the day-to-day
Are you wanting more spark, joy and excitement in your work, relationships, learning, life? Are there areas where you feel dull and bogged down in the day-to-day and not sure how to change it? I coach social justice and equity advocate Anna Brickman on this very issue. As you listen, YOU see how purpose is the source of sparkle, joy and excitement. You get to contemplate YOUR higher purpose and what actions you will take to dial up your joy today!

001 Overcoming The 800 Pound Inner Critic – Coaching Scotty M.

live your full potential today
Does your Inner Critic ever feel like 800 pounds? How is it blocking your full potential today? As I coach actor-director-writer Scotty M on his Inner Critic, you get to dial up YOUR awareness of the trash talking voices in your head, start to separate from that negative feedback and shift limiting beliefs into truly empowering beliefs. Bottom line, you get to transform the Inner Critic into an Inner Champion!

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