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March 14, 2021

002 How To Find Your Spark, Joy & Excitement! – Coaching Anna B.

connecting your purpose to the day-to-day

Are you wanting more spark, joy and excitement in your work, relationships, learning, life? Are there areas where you feel dull and bogged down in the day-to-day and not sure how to change it? I coach social justice and equity advocate Anna Brickman on this very issue. As you listen, YOU see how purpose is the source of sparkle, joy and excitement. You get to contemplate YOUR higher purpose and what actions you will take to dial up your joy today!

MY GUEST: Anna Brickman


How DO you find the spark, joy & excitement? In a job or anywhere in your life? How many times have you hit that wall of knowing that you want things to be more ALIVE, on purpose, but not sure how to make that happen? And perhaps not taking charge to change it because it’s NOT all clearly laid out for you & you’re too busy getting caught up in your head and daily life.

This is the challenge at hand in our episode. My guest, Anna B., is an absolute bright light! An emerging Gen Z leader – passionately making a difference in the social justice & equity world. She burst out of university, landed a job aligned with what she wants to bring to the world and NOW after settling in, she is dealing with how to stay on purpose in the midst of the real life, day to day work. Anna & I explore what that path looks like – literally how to dial up the purpose & passion to be at her full potential. As you listen, think about your life. Where do YOU need an infusion of spark, joy & excitement? Is it in your job? Or maybe elsewhere – your key relationships, your personal growth or learning, or even your finances/money. This is your one precious life! If the joy isn’t sparking – for goodness sake, let’s get on that! To get more out of the episode – take a moment to identify an area to focus on & listen for the questions, tools or ideas that inspire your own action today.


I LOVE my job! I’ve been coaching since 2002 and I am constantly grateful that THIS is what I get paid to do. However, I hit days, weeks, even months where it starts to feel like a slog – especially the non-coaching part. I get bogged down by the admin and logistics. My inner brat comes out and I can feel like my work is a ‘have to’ instead of a ‘get to.’ This is the moment where I need to get back to my core purpose – helping people live their full potential. It’s the time to dial up my actual coaching, do some extra gift sessions, push into my own growth zone … start a coaching podcast! My spark, joy and excitement is diving deep into human potential and growth – that is where the juice is. When I get caught up in just being busy and I forget WHY I am a coach – that is how I lose my way.


Go for it! Dial up YOUR spark, joy and excitement by connecting into your purpose. If you need help and a bit of coaching to figure it all out, contact me for your own growth moment.

  1. Identify where you need an energy boost. What area of your life is feeling dull, joyless or just bogged down in the day-to-day? It doesn’t have to be work – it can be anywhere in your life.
  2. Now, zoom out – look at the bigger picture. WHY are you ‘doing’ this area in the first place? What is your purpose here – what do you really want in this area?
  3. What kinds of actions/changes will help feed your purpose? What do you need to add or delete to bring in the joy? Brainstorm some good ideas!
  4. Pick a few actions and book them in your schedule. It’s up to you to lead your way to spark, joy and excitement.


These are the key takeaways & gems from Anna’s coaching!

Anna’s Challenge: “How to find the spark, joy and excitement in a job where it’s not laid out in front of me.”

How Do You Want It To Be?: “Staying on a positive, productive, empowered path. The path is excited, grateful, an awareness – marching forward with so much joy, enthusiasm and power. No hesitation.” Always a great place to start when you don’t where to start – just asking yourself what you want, how you want _____ to be? (Anna’s was her day-to-day work, but this can be in any area of life!)

Powerful Question #1: “What is your highest purpose?” This is a killer question – it sets you back on your heels. It takes you out of the mundane and into your deeper truth and insight. This is where Anna reconnected to WHY she is doing her job. As I said, not much is more important than contemplating your purpose.

Insights & Epiphanies: The big insight is that PURPOSE is the source of sparkle, joy and excitement. The other is that Anna realized it’s up to her to actively connect her higher purpose into her day-to-day work. “I’m not getting the opportunities to continually learn about how communities are being served, I have to seek it out. The learning conversations are the number one thing that is going to revamp me and get me back in. I need to take responsibility to make those happen.” There is the gem – don’t wait for someone to lay it out for you, LEAD, create your own opportunities. Anna saw that these kinds of conversations/interactions around the bigger purpose of the organization is not necessarily the culture, but she can choose to help create that culture.

Powerful Question #2: “Who are you to do anything in this world?” When Anna’s Inner Critic was trying to keep her small, telling her “it’s not necessarily your place to change the culture,” I asked her “Who DO you think you are to shake up the culture at work?” The question calls you out – challenges you to stand tall & take up some space. Anna said, “I’m just someone who cares and that’s enough.” Claim who YOU are.

The Way Forward: For Anna, it’s about taking action, focusing on what she CAN do, not what she can’t. Going ahead and being the change she wants to see in the world. In the day-to-day and in the bigger picture too. Anna said she would take time in her actual schedule to create purpose FULL conversations, learning and opportunities. YOU get to lead the way in your life as well. This is always the way forward.

The Commitments: Anna scheduled weekly ‘reach outs’ – inside and outside her company as well as talking to her boss to make these purpose rich activities a more explicit part of HER job and for the organization as a whole – building a culture of engagement.

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