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May 4, 2021

005 Transform Your Limiting Beliefs – Coaching Kelly E.

create empowering beliefs to reach your next level

Where are your limiting beliefs holding you back? That faulty internal wiring that blocks your momentum – like a foot on the gas and foot on the brake – leaving you STUCK. I coach Kelly Augir Eveleth to transform the limiting into the empowering. Dig deep to root out YOUR most toxic beliefs. Free your energy! Let your motivation and inspiration flow from choosing new beliefs. 

MY GUEST: Kelly Jo Augir Eveleth


This is the big limiting belief episode! A vital and valuable topic. I have limiting beliefs, you have them, my clients definitely have them – pretty much about anything and everything. Limiting beliefs about work, relationships, MONEY, what’s possible, the way the world works, the very nature of who you BE. It’s like faulty computer programming – bad wiring – it produces substandard results. 

I get to play with beliefs today with Kelly. She is many things – a librarian, a mom of three college age & up children, a BIG grower & learner and in the midst of some major life changes. She is encountering some blocks/obstacles/internal resistance. Her goal for coaching is to look at her limiting beliefs and find one or two actions to help step into her next level of leadership in her career. You heard one of her limiting beliefs at the beginning of the episode – “Because of my age, I am not a viable candidate for a new leadership level.” Maybe that’s true for Kelly, maybe not. What is ABSOLUTELY true is that leading with that belief, that utterly constrictive, limiting, crappy belief will not create success. The door is already closed. 

As you listen to the coaching, I want you to ponder where YOU have limiting beliefs. They might be below the surface, sensed but not quite seen. Or you might know them well! Think about any life areas where you feel a bit stuck or blocked. Let’s see if your beliefs are holding you back. Remember, this show is for YOU – use Kelly’s coaching to spark your own transformation. What’s blocking YOUR path forward into your next level?


I’ve been working on my own limiting beliefs since high school. My first tool was a slim paperback copy of Norman Vincent Peale’s “The Power of Positive Thinking.” I was mesmerized by the concept and the impact of what I choose to think and believe. The problem was that my limiting beliefs were ridiculously strong. I often couldn’t hold onto the knowledge that what I think is a choice. Consequently, I have spent the past 40 years working on my beliefs – progress, not perfection! For me, the on-going transformation of limiting beliefs into empowering is the MOST significant component of my success. Not just career success – but the larger definition of being a worthwhile human and living on purpose. This is a topic close to my heart and I am always up for helping you transcend your limitations.


You get to transform YOUR limiting beliefs. This process is invaluable and a tool to use whenever you want to grow. I would love to coach you to find your most empowering beliefs, contact me for your own growth moment.

  1. Think about where you feel stuck, held back – the foot on the gas/foot on the brake experience. Write down that life area – career, home, family, money, health, etc. Be as specific as you can.
  2. Take a stab at writing out any limiting beliefs that are lurking around. The thoughts that you are aware of, but also try to grab the ones that are just under the surface – the nastier, negative, soul sucking beliefs. Literally write or type them out. Usually you can tell when a belief is limiting by your body’s reaction – the shrinking, feeling small, heavy, constrained. 
  3. Now read them out loud. Are these beliefs true? Are they gospel or facts? Are they helping you grow, succeed, be everything you can be? Do you want to hold onto and keep operating from these beliefs or make a change? 
  4. Next, pick one limiting belief at a time and begin to write down a draft replacement empowering belief. What you WANT to believe. What you would want a child or the person you most love in the world to believe. Again, write it all down.
  5. Finally, say the new belief out loud. Feel the difference in your body, feel what seems possible now. If you don’t experience that lift and inspiration, keep revising until you find the beliefs that do.
  6. Use your new beliefs to MOVE forward! See what actions are now obvious and doable.

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