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May 16, 2021

006 See All Your Possibilities – Coaching Brian L.

get out of your comfort zone & into your growth zone

When was the last time you stopped to take time to listen to yourself? To create the space to go beyond the status quo into the playground of possibility? To dream about what else you want to be/do/experience/create/impact in your lifetime? I coach Brian Lessinger at that pivot point of hitting great professional success and starting to explore what might be next. I invite you to create room for your next growth zone. All because your possibilities matter. YOU matter.

MY GUEST: Brian Lessinger


I love possibilities! I’m inherently a ‘what IS possible kind of person.’ That is the heart of growth – the space for growth – the ability to SEE, imagine and move into possibility. That ability – the art of what is possible – is a skill worth cultivating – it’s pure power. And it’s a fundamental part of my coaching – asking clients to think about not just one idea, but ALL the ideas – if only for a moment. To move beyond the status quo into ‘and what else do you want to be/do/experience/create/impact.’ This is what we are playing with today. I want to help YOU see your possibilities – look for your next moment to grow. 

My guest is Brian – a successful real estate guy, top of his career and an incredibly hard worker. Brian has the kind of energy that immediately makes me feel good – just to be around him. Yes, he is super successful AND he is deeply grateful, willing to help others and one of the most truly positive people I know. Brian is hitting that point in his career where he has it pretty much dialed in barring unforeseen crises. He has accomplished many of his goals and could easily switch to cruise control for his life. Instead, he is showing up to coach on what might be next. 

I invite you to use this episode to open up your mind and ponder your own possibilities. Specifically look at where YOU are in cruise control but ready for some ‘what’s next thinking.’ Is it in your career? Or maybe an important relationship – within your family or perhaps a friendship? What about possibilities for the causes and issues about which you are most passionate? Or more practical and just as important – your finances, health, well being? If you can, pick an area to have in mind as you listen – your possibilities playground. 


This podcast is a direct result of spending time in my OWN possibilities playground. My coaching career had been very much in my comfort zone for a while – successful, great clients, easy workload. Nothing wrong with that! Yet there was an underlying itch for ‘what’s next’ – a feeling like I was getting a bit bored with the cruise control. So, I opened up space to dream, to brainstorm with MY new coach, to talk out loud about ‘what if?’ I remembered that my purpose is to help people unlock their full potential – not just to be comfortable. What became crystal clear is that before I die, I want to live that purpose with as many people as possible – for my reach to go to the ends of the Universe! So, here I am doing The Growth Moment, a drastically expanding coaching practice, full of fresh energy and new ideas. All from taking time to see my own possibilities.


You get to explore YOUR possibilities! This kind of ‘blue sky’ thinking should be a recurring appointment with yourself – all part of LEADING your life. And I would love to coach you on your possibilities playground, contact me for your own growth moment.

  1. Make some time/room/space to ponder your possibilities. Book it in your calendar – block it off. At least an hour or even a mini strategic retreat with yourself. Make sure you are undisturbed, find a place that helps you lift above the day-to-day, an inspiring environment! 
  2. Think about how you want to capture your reflections – you can journal, do a big brainstorm on a white board or a mind map, make a vision board, a great bullet list, write it out as a story. You might want a listening partner or someone to take notes. Whatever comes naturally to you.
  3. When you are ready, kick back and dive into reflection and brainstorming. Where are you playing in your comfort zone and need to be in your growth zone?  
  4. Here are other questions – pick & choose any that spark your thoughts:
    • What is your sweet spot? 
    • What is your purpose? 
    • Who do you want to impact? 
    • Where do you want your growth energy to go?  
    • What is it you LOVE to do? 
    • What is your next level?
    • Go forward five years – if everything in your life was perfect, what would that look like?

Are You Ready For Your Own GROWTH MOMENT?

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Now, get out there and GROW TODAY!

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