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June 6, 2021

007 Start Thriving, Not Just Surviving – Coaching Jessica C.

create space for the bigger you

Feeling overwhelmed or paralyzed by the endless responsibilities and items on your task list? Has there been a whole lot of surviving this past year and not enough thriving? I coach Jessica Clark to sit for a moment, quietly, under the whirlwind of all the doing – facilitating a move into her Bigger Self. This is discovery time! Listen in and start exploring who YOU are at your core & what you want to bring to the world. It’s time to THRIVE.

MY GUEST: Jessica Clark


How many times in your life have you felt overwhelmed by the whirlwind of responsibilities, tasks, multiple roles and agendas across your life not to mention hopes-dreams-ideas of what else you want to do? So often, it’s all just too much to sort through or make sense of. And it’s easy to get paralyzed – to get stuck, unable to start anything new, no what’s next – just surviving what’s now. 

This is where the coaching with my guest Jessica begins. As she puts it, she is sitting under the whirlwind of all this STUFF and wants direction, some clarity and action BOTH/AND permission to NOT have direction, to just be in a discovery space instead of needing to know and control exactly what’s to come. Jessica is used to leading – directing – controlling. She wears a lot of different hats – Jess has built a group of successful restaurants from scratch, has two young children and is involved with numerous give-back community endeavors. Through it all, Jess has been dreaming of what’s next – her even bigger purpose in the world. But, it’s been hard to find the time and space to even think about that ‘what’s next’ and ‘her bigger self.’ 

As you listen, you get to think about your own whirlwind – what’s swirling above & around you? The enormous, overwhelming amount of stuff to deal with. You get to contemplate if it’s time for YOU to create space for what’s next. The bigger YOU. To explore who you are at your core, what you want to bring to the world. This discovery process requires time AND space. Use this episode to begin your own exploration – a moment, despite the whirlwind, a moment to get a bit of clarity and direction for what might be next. 

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