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June 21, 2021

008 Move Into BIG Confidence – Coaching Missy O.

fully own & accept yourself

Where is your confidence on a scale of 0 to 100%? Do you want a higher score? What is possible if you move towards 100%? I coach Missy Ozeas to move into the BIG confidence that comes from owning WHO YOU BE. Fully. No more holding back or second guessing. Listen in to create your OWN shift into full acceptance. Stop minimizing your gifts and move into your bigger purpose!

MY GUEST: Missy Ozeas


Today is all about getting out of your own way – moving into your biggest, brightest confidence that comes from owning who you are. No apologies, no questioning or second guessing. Just pure, marvelous YOU. The place of freedom, clarity, joy.

The problem is that most of us TOTALLY get in our own way – we ARE our own worst enemy. The self doubt, the questioning, the holding back.

The heart of my coaching today is to help Missy step into her FULL power and potential. Missy is many things – a background in film and television, a passion for helping people through various non-profits, including her amazing Los Angeles based Giving Express and for the past 2 years, a thriving energy healing practice.

As you will hear, Missy is confident in her abilities and training as an energy intuitive and transformation guide. She KNOWS it’s her path. Knows she makes a huge difference in people’s lives. The doubt or lowered confidence creeps in when Missy bumps up against people who don’t understand what she does, perhaps are skeptical, people who might question. And that’s when Missy gets in her head and is less than her full, glorious self. 

I see this all the time with my clients. How easy it is to question your worth, your right to be and do what you are born to do. All because someone, usually not even a lot of someones, just don’t get it. Or because who we BE doesn’t fit neatly into somebody else’s box. Where are YOU getting in your own way? Think about where you are holding back or second guessing yourself – it might not be a career thing – it can be anywhere in your life. Keep this area in mind – listen for the insights & inspiration that are meant just for you.


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