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July 5, 2021

009 Achieve, Celebrate, Repeat – Coaching Kelly K.

celebration & reflection drives focus & execution

When you hit a milestone in your growth – do you STOP and take a moment to truly celebrate and reflect? Or do you just blow right past it, minimizing what you have achieved? Taking time to catch up with and integrate your ‘next level self’ is key to tackling future goals. Don’t take your growth for granted – acknowledge the lessons learned at this moment in your life and WHO YOU BE NOW!

MY GUEST: Kelly Kitagawa (


As a growth and leadership coach, I work with many high achievers. People familiar with the climb to the mountain top – the striving, pushing, often relentless pursuit of their next level. You might be an aggressive climber or prefer a more relaxed & gradual ascent – you might have just hit a goal or milestone or are in the midst of identifying your next mountain & how to make the climb. I’m here to remind you that a VITAL component of success is pausing at the top to take a big breath, reflect on the journey and CELEBRATE that you are HERE. It’s the celebration & reflection that enables you to fully own who you be NOW and then to drive your focus and execution for the next goal. 

Your mountaintop might be a long coveted promotion, a graduation, a move to a new city or out to the country that you have dreamed about for years, getting married, launching a business, starting a family, publishing a book, qualifying for a tournament, speaking at a conference … the list goes on and only you know what mountain means the most to you. 

For my guest, Kelly Kitagawa, the mountain top is an incredible new job that she just landed and started. Kelly is a Solutions Engineer, rising through the ranks in high tech – she is ambitious, smart, driven, with a keen desire to create impact for her clients, team and company. Thrilled but almost a bit stunned that she DID IT – she’s here, exactly where she wanted to be and now it’s time to focus and execute on this big opportunity. Kelly & I take time for her to celebrate so she can catch up to the moment – reflect on and integrate everything that got her to this new reality. All so she can move forward into her next journey.

This is a more thoughtful episode, less straight on coaching. You will feel the space for Kelly to reflect – tell a few stories – hear herself, clarify lessons learned and affirm her growth. I want you to take a look – is it time for YOU to celebrate and reflect on one of your milestones or achievements? Or is it time to grab some of your own lessons learned and gear up for your next goal, the mountain ahead of you? Listen for the insights and wisdom that you need today.

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