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October 4, 2021

015 Saying No – With Just Amy!

overcoming the disease to please

Another grab & go tool! This is for all of the people pleasers who say yes, when it really should be no. The ability to confidently say NO is an indispensable skill. On a scale of 1 to 10 – with 10 being amazingly strong and comfortable with saying NO, and 1 being almost never saying NO – where are YOU? I want to dial up that score. So you can start saying YES to what you really want. 



I love the opportunity to put another self coaching tool in YOUR hands. And ‘Saying NO’ is for all of the people pleasers out there! Do you ever have that sinking feeling, the disappointment or frustration with yourself of going along with what someone else wants you to do or be. Is your inner self ever screaming a NO but your mouth somehow is saying yes? A good “NO!” can mean the difference between living your life on purpose or living by default. On a scale of 1 to 10 – with 10 being amazingly strong and comfortable with saying NO, and 1 being almost never saying NO – where are YOU? Let’s dial up that score!

The disease to please is a common affliction and something I often hit with clients. Are you a big old people pleaser? If you are already awesome at saying no, if you find it easy to offer up a decisive and cheerful, “no, thank you!” – feel free to skip this episode. But if you would rather hedge or avoid giving an answer than actually say no, if you do get that sinking feeling & feel acutely uncomfortable with a no, that you end up saying “yes” when you SO mean “no” – this episode IS for you. And also if you just want to dial up your score or grab this tool to share with a people pleaser in your life.

The reasons for sucking at saying no can vary. It can come from not wanting to disappoint or hurt others, that you can’t say no because no one else is saying yes, or as one of my clients put it, “if I am able to do it, then I should say yes.” I find that stress & exhaustion can disrupt the ability to give the strong ‘no’ every time – a familiar situation in our full lives. And low self-esteem is another culprit – that feeling of not being entitled to say no. Another reason is low expectations – saying yes to something less than desirable because you don’t feel like anything better will come along. Of course, the yes might come from not wanting to miss out & a sincere desire to be engaged & get the most out of life – even if in reality it’s not possible to say yes to it all. You also have your own unique reasons of why and when it can be difficult to say no. Situation specific. People specific. 

So on that scale of 1 to 10 – what’s your ‘saying no’ score? Hold onto that during the episode & let’s see if we can really dial that UP. Because to me, the ability to say no, means YOU are in charge of your life. You are at choice. You have the reins & you are autonomous. A good NO can make all the difference. Another invaluable tool for your toolkit.

I will take you through FOUR steps to work on your Saying No capacity. As always, I’m your coach today. We get to collaborate & create YOUR growth moment. What could be better?!

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