The Growth Moment with Amy K Coaching
October 19, 2021

016 Behind The Mic – Part 1

Amy K is walking her talk

A big change of pace! We go behind the mic & I answer questions from my inspiration/growth partner/real life sister, Jan Ruskin. Jan asks me how the podcast has been my own growth moment, who helps me grow, where I get in my own way, where I have to walk my talk as a coach. I got so much out of my own reflection and strategic pause. I KNOW you will find insights, ideas, tools and encouragement for your own growth journey.

INTERVIEW EPISODE: Amy K in the hot seat!


This is a deep dive into my own growth process and journey:

  • where I feel alive & ON purpose
  • my growing pains
  • the limiting beliefs that trip me up
  • how Covid opened my heart & mind
  • who pushes me and helps me to grow
  • opening my heart & mind
  • how I navigate my growth zone

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