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December 20, 2021

020 Gifts & Gratitude – With Just Amy!

presents & presence

It’s a twist on the usual take on gratitude! In my shortest podcast yet – get ready for a blast of celebration, outrageous delight and the unabashed JOY possibilities with gratitude. What would it be like to not hold back – showing your gratitude by how fully you welcome and embrace the gift? ENJOY my gift to you!



It’s that time of year – the holiday season where gifts and presents, giving and receiving abound. Usually my solo episodes are an explicit tool – something you can directly use. This one might be a little more intangible – more of a thought to explore. The thought is around a different take on gratitude. 

Often a gratitude practice comes from a place of humility. Good & right humility, to be sure. But sometimes there can be a little too much of the ‘I don’t really deserve whatever I’ve just been given.’ OR ‘I SHOULD think I don’t deserve it.’ The ‘oh you shouldn’t have’ approach. You shouldn’t have given me this marvelous gift, I shouldn’t have this privilege, I shouldn’t have this opportunity, I don’t deserve this compliment. As if, when we hold back from fully embracing the gift or downplay ourselves, it will make it seem like we are more grateful. 

Here’s the deal. If someone or just life gives you a gift – freaking ENJOY it. 

I think this is about PRESENCE with a present. Showing up, deeply connected, here in this glorious giving. What if THAT is what being grateful is all about? But to be clear, I’m not talking about being spoiled, greedily grabbing all the candy in the dish, never giving, only taking. I’m talking about gratitude when you are being given a gift.

So, the next gift you receive, tangible or intangible, I challenge you to receive it with that outrageous delight. Eyes shining delight. Huge smile and an equally huge hug. Whether the gift is in a box, a generous action, an unexpected favor, a wonderful compliment, an amazing opportunity or even a windfall of cash – I give you permission to be present and receive with grace, love and bountiful JOY. I ask you to practice that kind of gratitude & feel what truly receiving is all about. I bet it will help YOU be a better giver in the bargain.

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