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January 17, 2022

022 Find Your Balance – Coaching Amelia W

how to know you’ve done enough

If YOU ever feel like you are drowning in your myriad tasks & responsibilities, pulled between the different areas of your life, lying awake at night with a very busy brain, experiencing the diminishing returns of too much multitasking and not enough presence, this episode is for you. I’m coaching Amelia on letting go, self permission, restoration time and paradigm shifts. All so YOU, me and Amelia can BE our best.

MY GUEST: Amelia Wenger


Good Lord, this episode hits me right in the heart. It’s not the first time that a client’s challenge is MY challenge. This is Amelia and we are coaching on the chronic struggle of balance & boundaries … the very real dilemma of how the heck do you know when you have done enough, how do you turn off your work brain so you can be present in the rest of your life? This is an on-going challenge for me – I probably wrestle with it every day. So, this growth moment with Amelia has special personal resonance and relevance.

I first coached Amelia when she was in high school with a dream of becoming a marine biologist and we have continued on and off for almost 20 years. She is now a conservation scientist and research fellow at the University of Queensland in Australia with her husband, two small children and a very full plate. She is a leading expert in her field and has an impressive doctorate in coral reef ecology, but I just like to call her The Healer of Oceans. Amelia is passionate, purpose driven, incredibly able and suited for her life’s calling. AND she faces the challenge of living that calling with integrity and sustainability. 

What about you? How is YOUR balance, boundaries, stress level? Do you need to improve how you switch between life areas, be clear on when you have done enough for today, create more space for just you, be present in all of your life moments? Where ARE you on that fine line between feeling energized or overwhelmed?

Coming to terms & dealing with ALL that life requires is foundational. What kind of balance do YOU crave? What is the fundamental growth needed in YOUR being to have that balance?

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