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February 21, 2022

024 What Are YOU Capable Of? – Coaching Logan K

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Who ARE you? What are you capable of? Talk about powerful, stop you in your tracks, questions! Let’s just get to the heart of it. Are you ready to ask yourself the BIG questions? That’s the conversation I’m interested in. I want to know the biggest dream that is waiting – right there in the heart of who you really are. Claiming who you are at your core – even if you aren’t all the way there yet.

MY GUEST: Logan Kovarick


Who ARE you? What are you capable of? This is why I coach – to move past the surface and get to the depth of YOU.  How can you have the freedom to pursue YOUR purpose, passion, path – who you are & what you are capable of. And not be limited by the stories that have been told about you or that you tell yourself. Able to live the truth of YOU.

That’s what Logan and I jump into from almost the first minute. The BIG stuff. Logan is in his mid twenties – up & coming in Hollywood – big dreams and a deep love for the entertainment industry. And like so many of us, too often hindered by self doubt, questions, a lot of inner noise. As you will hear Logan put it, “I’m the one getting in my way.” That’s why we all need the questions to cut through that noise, those blocks – the questions that go right to your heart and soul. 

This episode is about being called to step UP and into what you are REALLY capable of. I want you pondering the two questions as you listen. Who are YOU? What are you capable of? Roll them around – opening to your deepest answers. 


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