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August 15, 2022

032 Your Past Propels Purpose – Growth Spotlight Kalyan Balaven

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The growth spotlight is shining bright on Kalyan Balaven! This episode is about the integration of MULTIPLE growth moments – seeing the thread and how it helped create Kal’s purpose & future. Use it as inspiration to do your own reflection – to map out a few of YOUR growth moments & see what you find. All so you can leverage that deep dive to fuel YOUR future. 

MY GUEST: Kalyan Balaven

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I believe the process of putting a spotlight on growth moments is invaluable. So, get ready to reflect on the past, pull it into the present AND then launch into the future. The full circle. Tremendous energy is unleashed in this process.

My guest is Kalyan Balaven. He is the Head of Dunn School in Los Olivos, California where my son Matthew gets to learn & grow. He also is a leader in creating connection & community. Kal is one of my inspirational bright lights – it’s his charisma, intelligence, incredible vision, passion, humanity and a bone deep ability to hold each person around him up to their possibilities & potential. So, it was a treat for ME to dive deep with Kal.

Kal shares a series of moments – pivotal times where he really changed as a person. I think you will find his story & insights compelling. But, as you listen – keep coming back to YOU. Your assignment is to see what life moments start to surface – jot them down so we can get a good look. I’ll give you more ideas & direction as we go. 

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