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September 12, 2022

034 Embracing My Mortality – Amy Gets Coached!

what do YOU need to face?

Where are YOU with mortality? Do you think about it? Is it an energizing force or more like fear induced paralysis? I’ve been semi obsessing about mortality the past few years and it’s freaking me out. So, I’m turning things upside down today! I brought in MY coach, the great Andrew Petty, so that I can be the client. Whatever YOU need to face – let’s do it  together!

MY COACH: Andrew Petty 

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This episode and the mortality topic is not for the faint of heart. I am leaning hard into my emotional courage to take on the task of facing my mortality. I’ve been semi obsessing about mortality the past few years and it’s freaking me out. Instead of motivating me & creating a carpe diem/seize the day kind of mindset, it’s  shutting me down. I decided enough is enough & it’s high time to deal with it. So here I am, authentic, no holding back, diving into my own growth moment. 

Let this session be about YOUR relationship with the inevitability of death. If this episode IS about me AND you facing & embracing our mortality – what do YOU want out of the coaching? What would be invaluable to walk away with at the end of the episode?

We are in good hands with my coach Andrew. He is an all around powerful coach, but Andrew has a special expertise and focus on mortality. On his phenomenal podcast called Andrew Petty Is Dying – he interviews guests and provides thought provoking solo episodes on the great power of owning that we ALL are dying – but we aren’t dead YET, so get after it – go LIVE today. Andrew coaches 1:1 but also runs The Graveyard Groups – life changing small coaching groups. There couldn’t be anyone better to help me tackle this topic. 

My wish for you is that YOU will face & embrace whatever you are avoiding and find unimaginable growth as a result.

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