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October 28, 2022

036 Leveling UP – Growth Spotlight Olivia Mariani

Moving Past Imposter Syndrome

Where do you want to LEVEL UP? The growth spotlight is on Olivia Mariani, one of my Growth Zone clients and VP Marketing at Curbio. We cover imposter syndrome, feeling out of one’s depth, moving from tactical to strategic. Think about where you want to level up. Have you just been checking the boxes and trying to ‘do it right’? Greatness & growth comes from a place of unfamiliarity and uncertainty!

MY GUEST: Olivia Mariani

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I am shining the spotlight on Olivia Mariani. This is one of those episodes where we are reflecting back on a client’s key growth moments – getting to the essence and leveraging the impact for the future. This episode is a retrospective on Olivia’s journey over the past two years in her first executive position. She is relatively young at 30 years old and it can be tricky as a first time executive to match pace with a rapidly expanding start-up. Olivia is candid and wholly authentic in sharing her experience.

Leapfrog growth requires just as much work on your BEING, as on your DOING. USE this episode for YOUR GROWTH. Where are you hitting imposter syndrome? Feeling out of your depth, nervous to do something for the first time, something that really requires you to step up. It might be in your career or something else entirely. Entering into marriage or partnership, starting a new academic degree, becoming a parent, taking on any kind of leadership role right across your life. 

Listen for the insights & ahas that YOU need today to level up. To lead your life. 

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