The Growth Moment with Amy K Coaching
November 15, 2022

037 From Worry to Wonder – With Just Amy!

the best jedi mind trick ever

Worry is insidious – it’s addictive like popcorn or potato chips. The kind of thinking that keeps you up at night. Today is about turning WORRY into WONDER. Wonder opens up a window, shifts your focus to a horizon of possibilities. Like turning a kaleidoscope to a new view. Grab all of your worries and get ready to play with wonder.



Check this out: I WORRY that the economy is screwed & my business might be screwed. Now for the transformation: I WONDER how I can use this economy to grow my business. Feel the difference between the fretting, brooding, stressful energy of WORRY and the eye and mind opening power of WONDER. 

I LOVE turning worry into wonder. I think it was the very first jedi mind trick that I explored way back in coach training. I’m always amazed & delighted with the speed of this tool. It’s not a cure all but it is a game changer. 

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