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January 2, 2023

040 A New Year’s Kick In The Ass – With Just Amy!

beyond resolutions & intentions

Resolutions, intentions, goals … they are all good and worthy tools. But, sometimes what you really need is a wake up call. Or in this case, a new year’s kick in the ass. A let’s GO! Let’s build, be, DO what you really want. Don’t wait another moment, much less another year. It’s time, so get ready for an awesome, uplifting, motivating kick in the ass!



This episode is about some kick ass, tough love. This is your coach telling it like it is and asking the BIG questions for 2023. Such as: What will LIGHT you up this year? What CAN’T wait another year? Where do you need to call BULLSHIT? And more!

Bottom line: stop worrying about what other people think. And shut down the Inner Critics. This is YOUR life. Call bullshit on yourself & anyone else who gets in your way. YOU are enough, MORE than enough. BELIEVE it … right now. You have potential you haven’t begun to tap into, but the manifestation of this potential has no room for dwelling in regret, excuses or thinking small. Drop the coulda, woulda, shoulda. Move into CAN, WILL, DONE. This IS your time. You have permission to try anything and fail. And fail again. I love you no matter what. I believe in you, always. Now YOU dial up that love & belief. Listen less to others and more to yourself. Tap into and trust your truth. Let’s build, be and DO what you really want.


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