The Growth Moment with Amy K Coaching
February 13, 2023

042 The LOVE Bomb – With Just Amy!

unconventional, transformative, liberating

The LOVE BOMB is a way to radically change the worst situations, difficult interactions and challenging emotions. It’s not a replacement for other strategic tools like clear boundaries, redirection or a mindful pause. It IS a new option that can expand your range of response. Where do YOU need a fresh take? What situations or people are making you crazy, pissing you off or leaving you at a loss? Get ready to shake it all up by launching a LOVE BOMB.


THE SCOOP: In this episode you get to add the Love Bomb to your growth toolkit. How to use a moment of unconditional love to transform the toughest of situations & interactions. You will need to pick a difficult scenario, person or situation. It could be your partner. Your boss or a co-worker. Your child. A challenging business issue. Even a road rage moment. Maybe something that happened recently that really confounded you or was super shitty. Or perhaps a time when your Inner Critic was on fire – blaming & shaming. Then you will learn how to launch a Love Bomb! This is an unconventional and liberating skill. I invite you to surprise the heck out of someone and respond with love. Because in the end, LOVE is impossible to ignore.

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