The Growth Moment with Amy K Coaching
March 8, 2023

043 Easy Breezy Accountability – With Just Amy!

a momentum creating mindset

Get ready for Easy Breezy Accountability! Holding accountability for yourself or others is often tough. Something that makes us uncomfortable & can bring out some of our worst traits – blaming, shaming or avoidance, procrastination. Today I’m sharing one super simple tool to move from accountability policing to accountability activation! 



I invite you to try on the ‘easy breezy’ mindset. Think of this way – at its core, accountability is just about giving an ACCOUNT. Sharing and explaining where you are, what did or didn’t happen, where you might be getting stuck or need some help. Or asking & listening in a way that encourages someone to share & explain to YOU. With this mindset, judgment about yourself or others is not required! Just the ACCOUNTING. Open, curious, sincerely interested in collaborating on what is & isn’t happening. Feel the difference – with this approach, the first step is only & all about sharing. Not so scary or hard! 

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