The Growth Moment with Amy K Coaching
March 22, 2023

044 What DO You Know? – With Just Amy!

it’s more than you think!

Where are you using the excuse “I don’t know” to stay in your comfort zone? To block your growth, to coast, to hold back? Maybe it’s around career or money, a family situation, a tricky relationship conflict or an important decision. Be stuck no longer! Today you get to find what you DO know so that you are free to move forward. Grab your own question/situation/challenge and let’s GO!



The truth is, YOU know so much more than you realize! It happens all the time, I ask clients a question and they say – I don’t know. But, if I just wait a beat & ask “but what DO you know?’ inevitably the answers and wisdom flow. 

“I don’t know” is a cop out, a dodge. It lets us off the hook so we can stay nice & safe in our comfort zone. The growth zone is where you say ‘what I DO know’ and stay put until you hear your thoughts. If you say you don’t know, your brain nods in agreement – YUP, I don’t know. If you say, what I DO know is … your brain is called to fill in the blank, to release the knowing. I guarantee that you ALWAYS know something. And that one knowing leads to the next. Like stepping stones to answers and action.

Are You Ready For Your Own GROWTH MOMENT?

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Now, get out there and GROW TODAY!

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