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April 6, 2023

045 Own Your Age & Stage – With Just Amy!

a birthday present for me & you!

It’s my birthday month! And I have a gift for me & for you. We are going to fully OWN our age & stage. As my birthday approaches, it’s tempting to try to ‘get back.’ Get back to my previous weight, energy, strength, looks, capacity, etc. I see this all the time with clients – a desire to either be farther ahead or farther back to some previous self version. Basically anywhere but HERE. Now. The point of YOUR power is in the present. So get ready to free up some energy by owning your age & stage.



What would it look like to fully claim your age & stage? What would you stop doing or thinking? What would you start? Are there obstacles to embracing your age & stage? Maybe cultural or societal norms that don’t match up. Not to mention your own expectations & judgment. What might you do with the energy release that comes with truly accepting who & where you BE at this moment?

This age & stage issue is not confined to any particular number. It can happen at 20 something, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 and beyond. Some people hit 30 years old & think that they should have achieved MORE – I should be married already, or have a certain income, promotion, house, fame & recognition. Some folks hit 40 and have or do all the things but lament that they missed out on living loose, having fun, exploring, taking risks. Maybe someone hits 50 and spends an inordinate amount of effort trying to recreate their younger appearance and abilities. And on it goes. A whole pile of coulda, shoulda, wouldas. Basically we can get caught in either trying to speed up or to slow down & go back. 

OWNING means taking your life back from other people’s or society’s models. Defining what your age & stage is for YOU. Don’t waste your NOW experience. THIS is the birthday gift available every day.

Are You Ready For Your Own GROWTH MOMENT?

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Now, get out there and GROW TODAY!

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