The Growth Moment with Amy K Coaching
May 4, 2023

046 – Be The Change – With Just Amy!

for what matters most to YOU

There is a time and place to point out what’s wrong, unfair, to vent, dwell, worry or commiserate. No doubt, you don’t need my help to do more of that. So, today I’m focusing on action – moving past the talking & thinking and what others need to do & be. Instead we will focus 100% on you. To DO. BE. the change YOU want to see in the world. If you are in the mood for stepping up, owning, leading – let’s go! 



This episode is less of a tool – more of an invocation or call to action. I’m calling on you to step up. To use & leverage the power you DO have for what matters most to you. Bottom line, to BE THE CHANGE you want to see in the world.

It’s so damn easy to point out what’s wrong, what we don’t like, what’s not working. 

Contemplate, how much of YOUR precious energy & time do you spend ruminating, talking, gossiping, complaining, blaming or shaming people or situations that you don’t like. Now, contemplate how much time, attention & focus do you spend on BEING the change? 

What’s your ratio between talking/thinking versus doing/being? 

Here’s the deal. I am challenging you to tip the balance into more BEING less thinking/talking. Especially for what matters most to you. Embody the change. Live it. Radiate it. Wholeheartedly.


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