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May 31, 2023

047 Principles of Power – Coaching Kristi B

how does YOUR power work?

I want YOU to think about the principles of YOUR power. Where do you feel powerful versus powerLESS? What is your source of power – do you think it comes from inside or out? As you listen to my coaching conversation with Kristi – ponder where you most need a power shift to create impact and momentum. I hope you walk away today with some fresh insights and ideas about you and power.

MY GUEST: Kristi Bergeron


It’s all about power today! The very nature of power – the principles or underlying components. This is an opportunity for YOU to consider where you get your power and how you choose to use it. 

My guest is Kristie – an executive leader and committed grower. Kristie is one of those deep thinkers. She is a voracious learner – sucking in tools, philosophies and paradigms – free ranging between strategy & tactics. This episode is a combo of coaching and just a cool conversation – my happy place! We explore all kinds of power from parenting to professional with the goal of better leveraging Kristie’s energy and hence impact and momentum in the world.

As always, there is no one right answer or formula. Power can come from silence and giving someone space. It can come from passion & persuasion. It can come from intelligence and confidence! Or humility and compassion. The bottom line, all that matters is YOUR principles of power – what enables you to be at your MOST powerful – to have incredible impact & momentum.

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