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July 10, 2023

050 It’s Mid Year Sanity Check Time – With Just Amy!

life by design, not default

The mid year sanity check – an Amy K tradition! A reminder to create a life by design, not default. A chance to take an extra breath, lean back for a strategic review and reset of the big picture.Take advantage of the extra summer daylight – carve out some time to reflect. And walk away with renewed clarity & focus to make the rest of the year COUNT.



I’m always pushing my clients to take a sanity check … a strategic pause. I do that because we ALL are so busy with the DOING we somehow forget about the BEING. The mindless hamster wheel becomes normal. But it’s NOT normal. YOU are the boss of you. YOU are in charge. The sanity check is a vital tool in leading YOUR life. 

I’m YOUR coach today. I will take you through a series of questions to facilitate YOUR own personal sanity check. You can use me to look at your big picture – right across your life. Or you can focus on just a slice or aspect of your life. A career sanity check. A health sanity check. A WEALTH sanity check. Relationship, spiritual, fun, learning! Whatever you choose.

Grab something to make notes & capture all of your awesome thinking. You also can gather any new year’s resolutions, original goals, plans, etc. Let’s do your sanity check!

Are You Ready For Your Own GROWTH MOMENT?

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Now, get out there and GROW TODAY!

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