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July 23, 2023

051 Time Well Spent – Coaching Matt M

space for spontaneity, connection and meaning

This episode is for YOU if you ever struggle with balancing schedule & spontaneity. If you put pressure on yourself to be disciplined and measure value solely by what you produce. It’s for you if you want to step back and ponder how you can feel more fulfilled, even joyful as you climb your next mountain. Listen in as I coach a very special guest, my 17 year old son Matthew, on how to drive productivity FROM fulfillment, not the other way around.

MY GUEST: Matthew Musson


This episode is titled Time Well Spent. It’s a coaching session around balancing the rigid scheduling & discipline of driving ambition with more space for spontaneity, connection and what makes the journey meaningful. This balancing act is a challenge that comes up with MANY of my Type A, high achiever leadership clients. A real push – pull. 

The client today happens to be my son, Matthew. He first came on the podcast two years ago in Episode #10 – titled Stop Wasting Time. He was 15 then, in the thick of Covid and going into his sophomore year of high school. That episode centered around Matt’s angst around wasting time, the deep need to maximize every minute and how to best manage his time in order to achieve his lofty goals. I asked Matt to come back on to officially compare & contrast where he is NOW at 17, on the threshold of senior year and all those profound life decisions. It’s always a gift to work with someone early in the game, much less my own child. We explore not so much WHAT Matt wants to achieve, but more HOW he wants to go about it. 

Let this episode help YOU reflect & refine your life design. It’s up to you … you have to figure out what is integral to YOUR human experience and how to create a structure, a schedule, a LIFE worth living. Being able to truly claim: my time is well spent.  

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