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August 7, 2023

052 Head, Heart, Gut Check – With Just Amy!

 immediate & illuminating insight

This is YOUR episode if you are conflicted, confused or unsure. Feeling like you have multiple minds on an important topic or decision. IF you are having trouble sorting out your thoughts & getting to clarity – I have a simple but remarkably effective tool for you. It’s the head/heart/gut check. Take advantage of your multi-layered perspectives and knowledge. Leverage ALL of your sources of inner wisdom. Easy, fast and illuminating.



One of my coaching cornerstones is that my clients have the best answers. BUT, the trick is getting to those answers. The problem is that our thoughts can get convoluted, confusing and conflicted. That’s when I pull out the head/heart/gut check tool. 

Here’s how it works. You check in with your three key internal sources of knowledge. It’s super simple – you ask for insight & opinions from your head. Then your heart. And finally your gut or intuition. It’s like your own mini board of advisers. A triple shot – three powerful perspectives at your beck and call. 

What I LOVE about this tool is how fast & easy it is. You ALWAYS have immediate access to incredible insight. These three resources are literally walking around with you ALL DAY LONG. But, the deeper wisdom comes from taking the time to pause, really listen and be respectful and grateful for each perspective.

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