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September 7, 2023

053 Transformational, Not Transactional – With Just Amy!

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My mantra all this year has been “transformational, NOT transactional.” This mind shift has moved me away from the tactical, practical and “just check it off the list” mode INTO the strategic, inspirational and next level possibilities place. Today, I am committed to helping YOU move from transactional into transformational right across your life. Health. Wealth. Career. Relationships. Anything & everything. Come on & let’s GROW!



By definition, transactional is an expectation that if you give, then you receive. Nothing wrong with that – transactional is not bad, it can be extremely efficient, it helps to make things simple & clear. But, I find that transactional can also be a bit tight, narrow and calculating. It can slide into zero sum thinking, either/or, even a scarcity mindset. When I get transactional, I know the difference in my body, I can FEEL it. It changes my approach. 

In contrast, the definition of transformational is being able to produce a big change or improvement. One of the synonyms is “life changing.” Now we’re talking! Transformational is looser, BIGGER, expansive. From here, I can access a multiplicity of perspectives, a longer game, tons of both/and, abundance & possibilities. If transactional is efficient, transformational is EFFECTIVE. It’s not about just checking something off the list, it’s about creating impact. Transactional is down on the ground. Transformational SOARS! 

What about you? Where do you MOST need a transformational shift? Something financial? Spiritual? A career change? What about for an employee 1 on 1 or performance review? Or something you need to create whether it be a work of art, writing an article, paper or book, practicing your instrument. Or turning a volunteer obligation into a volunteer OPPORTUNITY. Just the daily interactions with the people around you. All you need to do is ask: How CAN I be transformational in this moment? 

Are You Ready For Your Own GROWTH MOMENT?

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Now, get out there and GROW TODAY!

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