The Growth Moment with Amy K Coaching
November 14, 2023

057 YOU … 10X Bolder – With Just Amy!

what will you do or be?

What would YOU do if you were 10X bolder? What is the first thing that pops up in your mind? It’s a big question. Indeed, a BOLD question. I’m always a fan of lightning fast perspective shifts & 10X bolder does just that. It can move you from the ‘business as usual’ part of your brain straight into inspiration, innovation and impact. I hope you walk away today with your own 10X bolder thinking that leads to amazing action & results.



Just so we know what we are talking about, the definition for BOLD, as in people, actions & ideas, is the ability to take risks, confident & courageous. For colors, designs or flavors – think of strong, vivid or striking.

Let that sink in. The nature of BOLD…         

Now amplify that 10X. 10 TIMES BOLDER! Exponentially strong, courageous, confident, striking. What would YOU do or be if you were 10X bolder?

I’ve always loved this concept – it showed up early in my coaching career & I have kept it close to me ever since. I think it’s a must have tool in your growth kit, a classic ‘powerful question’ and a phenomenal mind stretcher.

Get ready for a deeper dive into 10X bolder & let’s see how far we can go.

Are You Ready For Your Own GROWTH MOMENT?

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Now, get out there and GROW TODAY!

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