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June 20, 2022

030 Get Unstuck! – Coaching Ashley F

a kick in the ass

Are YOU stuck? Do you need a slap in the face or a kick in the ass? Or do you need a judgment free space, some validation & acknowledgement – to be seen & heard? Something else? This episode is about what it might take to get unstuck. It’s about looking at stuck right in the face. Truth telling. No excuses. Staying with it until you find a path and the steps to move forward.

MY GUEST: Ashley Francis

podcast: turning-point-talks-with-ashley



My goal is to use the coaching today to help YOU shake things loose. I want you to find the insights, ahas and inspiration to break free of WHATEVER is holding you back. 

My client is Ashley. She owns TURN Studio in Sandy Springs GA – a fantastic boutique fitness studio that changes people’s lives. Ashley has a background in medical sales & opened up TURN during Covid – fulfilling one of her dreams. Ashley is incredible – boundless ambition and drive, blunt, remarkably transparent and a fierce commitment to solving her stuck problem. But here is my warning – we swear A LOT in this episode. If that makes you uncomfortable, either don’t listen or take a deep breath & roll with it. 

Make sure you have your own stuck area to play with as you listen. I call on YOU – to find your way out of stuck. To play to your strengths, be ON purpose, trust what brings you alive, drop the self judgment and make room for your brilliant, authentic self. I know you might not have your answers YET but I have faith in your ability to find them.

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