The Growth Moment with Amy K Coaching
December 5, 2022

039 Presence IS The Gift – With Just Amy!

good for all reasons & seasons

How IS your capacity for presence? Are you a master? Or perhaps it’s more hit and miss? Presence IS a gift. The holiday season is prime time for missing out on the moment. However, presence is evergreen – good for all reasons and seasons  This episode is an invitation to grow your capacity for HERE and NOW. Use it where you most need it!



Presence IS a gift. The power to be HERE. Now. To connect to yourself and those around you. To put the BEING into your doing. Presence is not a given – it can be elusive and hard to maintain. It’s easy to lose sight of in the midst of a busy life and moments of stress. Think about when you are truly present in the moment. In relationships, with tasks, at home, in your job or other pursuits and passions. What is that like for you? What do you experience when you are IN the moment? AND what is it like when you are more distant & disconnected – stuck in the past or worried about the future? What might CHANGE in your life if you are able to easily dial up your presence?

Let’s dial up our ability to be present together. The gift of presence for all!

Are You Ready For Your Own GROWTH MOMENT?

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Now, get out there and GROW TODAY!

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