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November 15, 2021

018 The Truth Is – With Just Amy!

cut through the crap & set yourself free

The truth DOES set you free. Free to make decisions, free to be yourself, free to move forward, free to be the change you want to see in the world. If you want to unlock your full potential, be MORE of you across your life, cut through the crap & set yourself free – this episode is for you. You can just grab this tool & start USING it today. Get ready to be an amazing truth teller. 



I  am LOVING creating these mini self coaching tools. This is tool #4 and it IS one that I use often both with clients and for myself. It’s about the power of telling the truth. A deceptively simple tool, it’s just three words. Whenever I feel stuck with a client or buried in a story or a mass of details, especially when a client is feeling confused, conflicted, uncertain – I turn to the TRUTH. I ask my client to fill in the blank with this phrase: The truth is…

Those three little words can release blocked energy, help you let go of what doesn’t matter & bring clarity so you can make decisions and take action.  

The truth is solid ground to stand on. You can build on the truth.

Now, you might be a righteous truth teller already – known for your ability to clearly & concisely tell the truth. But most of us have times where we avoid the truth, complicate it or layer a bunch of crap on top of the truth. The problem is that you can end up living someone else’s life, being what others want you to be, making choices that are fundamentally misaligned with who you really are. That’s why this matters. It’s awfully hard to live your unique potential & purpose without telling the truth.

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